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From: ED <>

Date: Wed, June 10, 2009 7:52 am


Dear Johnny,

A simple thank you is just not enough for what you did for me but is all I have and my continued patronage of the Takoma Auto Clinic. Late last Wednesday afternoon I called you and told you my 1995 Chrysler Cirrus broke down in my driveway, told you the symptoms and of my need to get it repaired right away as I needed the car to get back and forth to the hospital and doctors for my cancer treatments. First thing you said was do not try to start it any further, second thing you said was do you want you're the Takoma Auto Clinic to have it towed or do I have AAA or another type of service to do so. I had the car towed to your shop and you said it needed a lot of work, timing belt, fan belts, valve cover gaskets leaking, fuel filter should be replaced, spark plugs and plug wires as well as distributor cap and general adjustments. You also said to me that you would start on it right away because of my need to get to my doctor appointments in Baltimore. I got a call from you on that Friday that the car was repaired and ready for pick-up. Now that is what I call super fantastic service!

Johnny my car runs like it was new, I can't believe a car with 94,784 miles runs like it just came of the showroom floor. I know it needs new struts all the way around and when I am financially capable of doing so, my car will be back at The Takoma Auto Clinic.

Again thank you so much Johnny for your fantastic work and service.

Carl Royce

Silver Spring, Maryland

Subject: Excellent, dependable Service

From: "Donna Drew" <>

Date: Fri, May 22, 2009 9:07 am


Johnny & Sonia:

I just wanted to thank you both for the wonderful way you interact with your customers and the dependability of your shop.

I know that if I have a problem you will do your best to fit me in and take care of it as reasonably as possible.

It has been a pleasure dealing with you both over the years.



Subject: Thanks For the Good Job!


Date: Wed, Apr 15, 2009 8:49 am



Last week, you replaced the waterpump on my 2005 Scion xb. I just wanted to thank you for a job well done. I had taken the car to another repair shop for its 60,000 mile service, and to diagnose the noise that I suspected was the bad waterpump. They didn't do the complete service they had promised me, and they diagnosed the noise as a bad timing chain or tensioner. When I asked if they had run the car without the belt to isolate the noise, they informed me that it wasn't necessary, as they had listened to it with a "special device", and it was definitely the timing chain. Needless to say, I got out of there!

I did a little more research and found your shop, and I'm glad I did. You were able to get me in two days later, diagnosed the problem quickly, fixed it affordably, and even put my clutch pedal cover back on for me. Great attention to detail! I normally service my own vehicles, but we are in Takoma Park (from Oregon) for a year while my wife is doing military duty at Walter Reed, so I don't have the space or tools to do the work. We will definitely have you take care of our vehicles while we are here.

Thanks again,

Don Hundt

Subject: Great Work

From: Stephen Price <>

Date: Mon, Feb 04, 2008 7:18 pm


February 2008

Dear Johnny and Sonia:

Greetings to you. This is just a big thank you note for your great work on our Dodge van. We had taken it to the dealer for a free recall fix relating to the airbag safety system. Not only did the dealer service department fail to tell us they were not actually doing anything to fix it, but they presented us a long list of "needed" repairs amounting to $2300 for labor only. This included overcharges such as $30 for changing an air filter. $20 for cleaning the top of the battery, etc. It also involved highly exaggerated information such as the claim that the rear brakes were so far gone that they were "metal on metal".

We brought it back to you when the recall had obviously not been done. You looked over the van and sure enough, they had done basically nothing to it except an oil change. The needed safety air bag item had not been done. Several items that did need to be done you did with great expertise and at about half the cost for twice the work.

We have been coming to you with all our car repair needs ever since you came to Takoma Park. We know we can trust you to give us honest opinions, real repair expertise and fair prices. It is great to have the change to deal with Takoma Auto Clinic!

Stephen Price

Society of African Missions

Takoma Park, MD

Dear Takoma Auto Clinic,

I'd like to thank you for solving the mystery of the "Window That Would Not go up" in my Land Rover Freelander. This mystery stymied the dealer after costly diagnostics, they came to the conclusion it wasn't the part they had already charged me to replace, it was another, far more expensive part. In the end, it turned out to be a fairly straight- forward fix at Takoma Auto Clinic.

Here's how it happened:

My passenger side window stopped going up (it would still go down). The dealer said they would repair the switch. After 3 days the dealer announced that they had replaced the switch, but the window would only go down, not up. The charges so far were nearly $1000, but now they needed authorization for another $800 to replace an entire fuse box, which had a relay in it that would raise the window. I said I'd wait on that and refused the service. The dealer said he'd make me a copy of the vehicle manual with the part number, so I could see why I needed to pay the additional money. On my way out to the dealer to pick up my vehicle, I stopped by and talked to Johnny to see what he thought about it, and whether he'd be willing to look at it. From just my description, he said it sounded like the motor still worked so it should be fixable. I could tell he was mentally solving the problem already.

The next time I went on travel I dropped off my vehicle and the manual page the dealer gave me at Takoma Auto Clinic, thinking it would be a longish process getting the window working again. When I got back into town, Johnny had discovered that the part number from the dealer wasn't even a part number for my vehicle. He had replaced the Freelander relay that actually did control the window up circuit and did other incidental work on my vehicle for a fraction of the cost of the dealer. Detective Johnny and his associates provide something incredibly valuable, they solved the problem by understanding the mechanics, and sleuthing out the right solution to the mystery of the "Window That Would Not go up".

My only problem is that I feel guilty paying so little for this repair to your competent, honest, and friendly shop who fixed what was broken, after spending several times that paying an incompetent (I'm trying to be nice here so I'll leave out the next two descriptors) dealer for loaning me a car for three days and doing a "free" car wash while fixing absolutely nothing. Justice would reverse the charges...

My sincerest thanks to Takoma Auto Clinic for your service. Your courtesy and experience really does make you unique. Not to mention the fact that you're really exceptionally good at fixing things!


Karen Fisher Favret

Takoma Park, MD

From    : “Kyle Boyd”

To        :

Subject : Thank you for quality service – Takoma Auto Clinic

Date     : Sunday, March 25, 2007 5:17:30 PM

Due to the outstanding service I received from Johnny and his staff at the Takoma Auto Clinic located at 7221 Carroll Avenue, Takoma Park, Maryland I am compelled to write this email to recommend that anyone in need of auto repairs take their vehicle to Takoma Auto Clinic. Johnny and his staff repaired my BMW to perform the way I expected.

I was amazed because I had taken my vehicle to VOB BMW in Rockville, Maryland and they charged me $2,081.00 and did not repair the loss of power the vehicle was having when I would accelerate. VOB BMW made three attempts to fix my car to no avail. The experience at VOB BMW in Rockville has really taught me a lesson which is not to take my car to a dealership because they will rip you off and tell you a bunch of hog wash just to get your money. I would really be interested to know their retention rate for returning customers. VOB BMW treated me so poorly and charged me so much money it took me some time to recover because I expected the BMW dealership to know their vehicles and should be able to diagnose performance problems. Instead, I received a bunch of talk and high invoices for work that didn’t correct the primary problem I was having with the vehicle performance.

Thanks To Takoma Auto Clinic, my vehicle is now performing the way it should and I only paid $250.00 and was so happy I bought lunch for the entire staff. Good work and customer service will take any business a long way. Thank you Takoma Auto Clinic for your dedication and quality service and for making me a happy customer.

Melvin Dawes

From    : “Frank McLean”

To        :

Subject : Great job on Volvo V40

Date     : Tue, Jan 02, 2007 11:21am

I just wanted to send a belated thank you for the great job replacing front pads and rotors on my Volvo V40.

As you know, I had gotten much advice to ‘stick with the dealer’. If anyone else is thinking of ‘playing safe’ this way, let me tell them a story.

In my last dealer service, I explained to them that the Check Engine light needed ATTENTION, and not just turning off. My previous $650 service turned it off, and it came back on again 15 miles later. This latest service, I got ½ mile down the road before it switched back on and I turned right back to have it looked at. After they finally looked at it on a jack, it needed a new vacuum pump. When I asked them why they didn’t spot that before, despite my SPECIFICALLY asking them, they said they had plugged in their computer and no ‘code’ had come up, so they ‘couldn’t do anything’. For $700. Cue me being without the car for another week.

Thank God I never let them go ahead and replace my front rotors, at another huge cost, as I was so peed off. The job obviously needed doing and I was passing your place one day and dropped in. You quoted over $200 less than the dealer and made sure I saw the genuine parts you were fitting, although I trusted you from the get go.

The job was flawless, delivered on time and I got the feeling you might actually go the mile extra than just read a code off a computer, if I told you there was a problem.

All this to say, as far as I’m concerned, I’ve found my repair shop!

Thanks again, and keep up the great work.


Frank McLean

Takoma Park

Takoma Auto Clinic

Just a note of appreciation and thanks for the excellent job you have done over the years.

I have had the privilege of dealing with your repair shop for several years now and it seems that no matter what make or model of car or truck I have needed repair work done on you have excelled in your craftsmanship and courteous handling of my requests. The time frames have always been right on and the work done correctly the first time. As the owner of a virtual fleet of cars and trucks, some older and some newer, some GM’s, some Fords, some foreign makes both European and Japanese, I appreciate that you and your staff have proven your abilities both with the repairs and with the customer relations, quite necessary when asking people for their hard earned money in trade for a hard days work.

I give it gladly in your case.

I shall endeavor to continue this relationship as long as I live in the Washington Metropolitan area.

Thanks again for the excellent service and for earning/building the trust so necessary in this type of business relationship.


Charles Salb

Park Avenue

Takoma Park, Md.

Dear Johnny and everyone at the Takoma Auto Clinic,

I just wanted to drop you a little note to Thank You again for the marvelous job you did on my Lexus.

When the Dealer told me that the transmission would cost up to $6,000.00 to fix I was almost ready to tell them to keep it.

You have been a real Godsend and your work was every bit as good if not better than the dealer’s. I will never take my car anywhere else.

Johnny you are Terrific!

Monira Hamarneh

Mass. Ave. N.W.

Washington DC

May 19, 2006

To Johnny & all the mechanics at Takoma Auto Clinic;

About a month ago I had the unfortunate and traumatic experience of having my car stolen. I live in DC and should not have been surprised when this happened, but I was. Thankfully the DC Police found my car and I had the insurance company tow my car to me favorite mechanic; Johnny at Takoma Auto Clinic.

To my delight and surprise, Johnny and his mechanics went above and beyond the call of duty to fix my vehicle. Not only did they work to correct the necessary items that were damaged but they went the extra mile to help me out during this desperate time. They completed the repairs in a timely manner while simultaneously saving me money on the repairs!

I cannot express enough thanks and gratitude for the loving care everyone at the shop gave to my car. Having a vehicle stolen is an upsetting experience enough but with the hard work and dedication of the men and woman at Takoma Auto Clinic, my trauma and dismay was replaced with joy and happiness to have my car back and serviced at top quality.
Thank you very much Johnny, and staff. I appreciate you all and will always recommend you to anyone in the future.


Crystal Bradley

 Dear Johnny,

The Best Mechanic I have ever met, very honest, care about Customer’s Vehicle.




September 26, 2003

Dear Johnny and Friends at the Takoma Auto Clinic,

Thank you so very much for the excellent job you did repairing my old Volvo. The quality of your work, your welcoming atmosphere and your genuine concern for the customer, sets your shop above the others.

I am pleased to have discovered Takoma Auto Clinic and will certainly return with my car!

With gratitude,

Carlene Costello

August 23, 2005

Dear Johnny,

You are truly a Master Mechanic… We appreciate all the hard work you put into our old cars. Take Care


Patricia McNeil & Jeff


“Kindness” is genuine and something that may never be measured in return, never something to be expected. Your graciousness will always be remembered and very much appreciated.

Many Thanks!



Just want to say “Thanks”. All the time and effort you spent working on my car is sincerely appreciated. So glad my search for an Honest Mechanic has ended.

All the Best

To You and Yours

Sean O’Neil

July 31, 2003

Dear Jano,

I am getting ready to drive to Connecticut and checking my list of things to do. I am reminded of the last time I was driving to Connecticut and the situation with my car what a mess! And you fixed it. I am so grateful to you for saving my engine, my car, my money.

How many times have you done that for me? Who knows? It was my lucky day, the day I found you. I trust your judgement, your work, your word.

Thank you, Jano!

As ever, your friend

Petrina Huston

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Dear Johnny,

I’ve always been impressed with the quality of your work. If I can ever be of service to you, please don’t hesitate to call.

Best Wishes

Penn Reavis, MSW


Dear Sonya and Johnny,

Just a short note to thank the owners of the Auto Clinic (next to Firehouse and COOP in Takoma Park) for their careful, devoted service to my old car.

They worked on it for hours-even brought in an electrician consultant-but, ALAS, my car was too old for repair. !!:-(

When they found out that I was alone for Christmas they refused any payment at all for all the work they did…

Thank you- Dear Sonya and Johnny

I am so grateful and include you in my prayers.

How nice to find people like you

Much Love

Dagmar & Alan Henney