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Johnny's Auto Tips
    Maybe with the newest hybrid cars, which start off on the electric motor, you can turn the key and head off into the sunset instantly, but gasoline engines need a tiny bit of coaxing to approach proper operating temperatures.

    But most people donít give the engine or automatic transmission any warm-up and then complain of strange happenings or, worse, their cars experience engine damage that could have been avoided.
    If you start the engine and then look at the oil pressure gauge, fasten your seat belt, adjust the radio or insert a CD, check that Rearview mirrors are all adjusted, make sure the coffee cup is seated firmly in the cup holder, test the brakes, noting whether the brake lights come on as they should, and turn the headlights on low beam, the few minutes have given your engine time to wake up. 
    Beware that you can go overboard, especially if you have a remote-activated starting system on your vehicle. Donít idle more than, say, five minutes. Some people have written me to say they watched their car burst into flames while they were looking out the kitchen window. 

    If you do have morning engine hiccups and the service mechanic says he cannot find anything wrong, ask him to keep the car overnight and start it cold in the morning to experience you difficulties. But better yet, let your engine warm up to the task of getting you to work or back home again.


     Our Signature Certified Quality ServiceSM does not include adding brake fluid. We recommend that your brakes be inspected by a qualified brake mechanic, because low brake fluid indicates there may be a problem with your brake system. For your information, some reasons your brake fluid may be low are as follows:

   1)  The brake pads are worn. (When brake pads wear down, the fluid level in the reservoir goes down. Vehicles equipped with an electronic sensor will have a brake warning light come on when the fluid goes below the minimum required level.) 

   2)  There is a leak in the system. (This will cause the fluid level to decrease and attract moisture, which could contaminate the system.)